Personal Information Collection Statement

Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486)

個 人 資 料 收 集 聲 明 -《個人資料(私隱)條例》(香港法例第486章)

This Statement is provided to the Client as an individual Client of PCSL in accordance with the requirements of the Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (the “Ordinance”).Terms defined in this statement have the same meaning as in the Securities Client Agreement



1      Disclosure Obligation披露義務

        Unless otherwise stated the Client must supply the personal data requested on the enclosed Account Opening               Form to PCSL. If the Client does not supply this data, it will not be possible for the Client to open an Account with               PCSL as PCSL will not have sufficient information to open and administer the Account.

        除特別聲明外,客戶必須按開戶表格上的要求,將個人資料提供給英明證券。假如客戶不提供此等資料,英明證券將             沒有足夠資料來為客戶開設及管理帳戶。

2      Use of Personal Data個人資料之使用

2.1   Users 使用者 AII personal data concerning the Client (whether provided by the Client or any other                                           person,and whether provided before or after the date the Client receives the Securities Client Agreement                       containing this information)may be used by any of the following companies or persons (each, a “User”)有關客戶                   的所有個人資料(不論是由客戶所提供,還是由其他人士所提供,及不論這些資料是在客戶收到証券客戶協議之前還

        是之後)將可被任何下列之公司或人     士使用(各為一「使用者」);

    (i) PCSL and/or any of its Associates (the “”);


    (ii) any director, officer or employee or agent of the Group; 集團的任何董事、高級職員、僱員或代理人

    (iii) any person (such as lawyers, advisers, nominee, custodian etc.) authorized by the Group when carrying out the

          Client's Instructions and/or the business of the Group;


    (iv) any actual or proposed assignee of any rights and obligations of the Group in relation to the Client; and


    (v) any governmental, regulatory or other bodies or institutions, whether as required by law or regulations applicable to

         any member of the Group;


    (vi) any Correspondent Agent.任何業務代理。

2.2   Purposes目的

        All personal data concerning the Client may be used by any User for the following purposes:


        (i) carrying out new or existing client verification and credit checking procedures and assisting other financial

            institutions to do so;


       (ii) ongoing Account administration, including the collection of amounts due, enforcement of security, charge or other

            rights and interests ; 持續帳目管理,包括收取欠款,強制執行擔保、抵押或其他權利和利益;

       (iii) designing further products and services or marketing a Group product to the Client.


      (iv)  transfer of such data to any place outside Hong Kong; 將此等資料轉移到香港以外的任何地方;

      (v)  comparison with the Client's personal data (irrespective of the purposes and sources for which such data were


            and whether collected by a User or any other person) for the purpose of: (A) credit checking; (B) data verification;

            and/or (C) otherwise producing or

            verifying data which may be used for the purpose of taking such action that a User or any other person may

            consider appropriate (including action

            that may relate to the rights, obligations or interest of the Client or any other person);



            的行動 (包括可能與客戶或任何其他人的權利、義務或權益有關的行動);

      (vi) providing on the terms of any other agreements and services relating to the Client;


      (vii)any purpose relating to or in connection with compliance with any law, regulation, court order or order of any

            regulatory body; and


      (viii) Investigating suspicious transactions; 調查可疑交易;

      (ix) any other purpose relating to the execution of the Client's Instructions or in connection with the business or

            dealings of the Group. 任何有關於執行客戶


2.3    Use of Data in Direct Marketing使用資料作直接促銷

         PCSL intends to use and /or transfer the Client's data to its Associates for direct marketing and PCSL requires the

         consent (including no objection) of the

         Client for that purpose. In this connection, please note that:



        (i) the name, contact details, portfolio information, transaction pattern and financial background of the Client may be

            used in direct marketing of investment

            or financial related products and services of the Group; and





        (ii) If a Client does not wish PCSL to use and /or transfer the Client's data for use in direct marketing, the Client may,

             without charge, exercise the right to opt-out.


3      Rights of Access and Correction查閱和修正的權利

        The Client has the right to have access to and correction of the Client's personal data as set out in the Ordinance. In

        general, and subject to certain exemptions,

        the Client is entitled to:

        根據條例之規定,客戶有權查閱和修正客戶的個人資料。一般來說(除某些豁免外) 權利;


       (i) enquire whether PCSL holds personal data in relation to the Client;


      (ii) request access to the Client's personal data within a reasonable time, at a fee which is not excessive, in a reasonable

           manner and in a form that is intelligible;


     (iii) request the correction of the Client's personal data; and要求修正客戶的個人資料;及

     (iv) be given reasons if a request for access or correction is refused, and object to any such refusal.


4.     Contact Person聯絡人

        The person to whom requests for access to data or correction of data or for information regarding policies and

        practices and kinds of data held are to be addressed

        is  as follows:-


      Compliance Officer合規主任

      2/F, Lee Kum Kee Central,54-58 Des Voeux road central, Hong Kong


     Tel 電話: (852) 2541 1833          Fax:傳真: (852) 2541 1022